Hazel Chandler spends half the year in Sierra Leone where she covered the Ebola story for Street Child and WAYout. Taking testimony of survivors and those orphaned by the virus. Her moving footage has been shown on News Night, BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and NBC.  She has also written for the Guardian.


Wilderness has made educational, fundraising and awareness raising films for a variety of charities including Children in Crisis, Cardboard Citizens and Street Child and the UN. Whether you need something to promote your work or a short 'direct ask' film for an event, we have the experience. "The event was a great success – and in no small part down to your film. It felt very impactful on the night" Street Child. 




This short film, aimed at health care providers, outlines some of the challenges that people who are homeless and living in hostels face when trying to access health care, and gives some recommendations for improving care. This is based upon research that was conducted Dr Caroline Shulman and Dr Briony Hudson from Pathway and The Marie Curie Palliative Care Research department, University College London.




 Wilderness has made several multilingual documentaries

 for the UN FAO. World Rabies Day in Sierra Leone is both

 a celebration of the great work being done and a reminder

 of the tragedy of rabies. Rabies is a preventabel disease

 but still kills at least 50,000 a year. It is the world's

 deadliest disease.




 Wilderness has worked frequently with WAYout, a charity

 that provides training in digital media in Sierra Leone.

 We have produced their award winning promotional

 documentary about music in Sierra Leone and manage

 Street to Street which puts street youth in touch with

 UK students via weekly videos.


 Street to Street S2S


 "a phenomenal insight....motivated an otherwise

 disinterested class ..."


Wilderness has also worked with Shelter, Gemini, Advocaid, HRW, Children in Crisis, Sreet Child