AK  - Written and Directed by Michael Chandler


AK survived the conflict in Sierra Leone and is now in the UK as a student. He is surrounded by sympathetic people who don't really understand and in his isolation, AK begins to wonder if he really is a bad person. Through conversations with his sister, FA, back home in Sierra Leone, we learn something of AK's past and when there is a double murder in his neighbourhood -AK himself wonders if he might have committed it.


now heading for festivals


Press reviews:

Little White Lies

Awkward Movements


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THE FALL  - Directed by Michael Chandler


Jason looks after his mentally ill brother and alcoholic father and then, one strange night on his council estate and with the help of some graffiti, Jason comes to realise it is time to move on with his own life.



 The Fall is currently broadcasting on major channels

 on American Television. Check out the schedule here.

 The Fall the has appeared in festivals around the world

 and was nominated as best short film in the Black

 International Film Festival.


 Jason - Leon Rainee

 Darren - Zackary Momoh

 Graffiti - Tizer One

 Animation - King Bee

 Original music - Andy Chandler






MOVE is the latest short drama written and directed by Michael Chandler. Starring Kevin Berger as Danny.

It is in the Cinedans- Dance on Screen Festival in March.


Danny is an isolated and bored teenager, stuck in his room in a neighborhood he doesn't know. He moved there because of his fighting sister and her boyfriend and he escapes through his battered laptop -communicating with friends through frustratingly  intermittent Internet connections. He dreams of dancing ,  practicing relentlessly to create the ultimate dance video to share with the world –his way out.  Can he pull off the perfect move?


Danny-                   Kevin Berger

Featuring -              Stefano Addae

                             Voltaire Taiwo de Campos

Writer/Director-       Michael Chandler

DOP -                    Hazel Chandler

Editor-                    Furious


Running time 10 minutes


Completed and heading for festivals