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Kidnapped, drugged, and brainwashed, Nathaniel Sesay aka Mash P was forced into

Sierra Leone's civil war aged 9. Forced to kill, Nathaniel is haunted by his past.




60 minute documentary in Production

In 2016 a group of homeless actors put on Ken Loach's "Cathy Come Home" at the Barbican to mark it's 50th anniversary. This is the story of those actors then and 5 years later. Did being on the big stage make any difference to their lives? Where are they now?                                                                   Director/Producer Hazel Chandler and Michael Chandler






Not Forgotten talks to Gerald Fox and other WW11 veterans about the resurfacing of war trauma as they reach retirement age. Little was known about Post Traumatic Stress at the end of the second WW so no treatment was available. Clinical Psychologist Ian Robbins works with survivors.                   DIRECTOR/PRODUCER:Hazel Chandler




MIRACLE BUSTERS- Discovery Channel

Miracles are reported all over the world, from miracle healings to Ganesh drinking milk. We visit the USA, India, the Philippines, Ireland, Italy, France to investigate, talking to believers and sceptics alike.

DIRECTOR: Hazel Chandler





Ex child soldier and gang leader, Fallah Koroma, aka Fal G, returns the place

where he fought and killed to ask forgiveness

PRODUCER: Hazel Chandler




          UNDER THE NEON

                                                                           Al Jazeera Witness


"Under the Neon" is an extraordinary journey below the surface of the bright lights of Las

Vegas, to meet some of the city's homeless people who are battling to make a home for

themselves under the streets of gold in the city's storm-drains and tunnels. PART 2



Stranger at the Gate from Andrew Bethell on Vimeo.



A documentary that follows Drew Bethell as he re-traces the journey he made in 1943 having escaped (along with 500 others) form a POW camp in Fontenallato in Northern Italy. The film follows Drew and his son Andrew as they track down the families that helped him during his 500 miles walk down the Apennine mountains to the allied lines just south of Naples. They meet many of the brave 'contadini' who gave him shelter at considerable risk to themselves. The film was made and is owned by Double Exposure and transmitted on BBC2 in July 1988.

DIRECTOR: Hazel Chandler






Award winning documentary about music in Sierra Leone post conflict.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Hazel Chandler co-producers WAYout 





Distributed by Journeyman


Shot over six years, following the lives of a group of street youth in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Gang leader Yumyum was given his own camera and shot 100 hours of footage, brutal and candid. PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Hazel Chandler



Festivals/Britdocs/international broadcast


The story of Kimmie Weeks' return journey to his home in Liberia. Kimmie, a child rights

activist, fled during the conflict and was given asylum in the USA. When Taylor fell from

power, Kimmie went back. A journey of reconciliation and demons faced. 

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR Hazel Chandler DOP Adam Jeppesen